Domenica 22 aprile


Dott. De Berardinis Dante

Fisiopatologia della sessualità
•Sessualità “cinese”
•Il desiderio sessuale
•Atto sessuale
•Ideogrammi dei nomi degli organi sessuali
•Punti ad azione sessuale
Terapia delle principali disfunzioni sessuali
•Mancanza di desiderio sessuale femminile
•Dispareunia, vaginismo
•Mancanza di desiderio sessuale maschile
•Disfunzione erettile
•Eiaculazione precoce Vardi Benesh-Raviv

Sexual orientation or preference refers to an enduring pattern of emotional, romantic, and/or erotic and sexual attractions to other. This attraction or preference has a lot to do with the mental-emotional and somatic realm of a person's inner, private life, it has to do with instincts, fantasies, desires, intimacy, sensuality and erotica.

It is very often that we encounter in the clinic patients with concerns, difficulties, beliefs and inhibitions that has to do with their sexuality & sexual preferences, many times those concerns and beliefs are so deep that they fracture and create separation, preventing them from fulfilling their individual destiny.

In our up coming "Sex Talk" I will discuss and offer my points of view on the subject and share my personal & clinical approach.


La relazione della Vardi sarà tradotta dalla Volpato Valentina