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What is AMAL?

AMAL is an Association founded in 1994 by a group of Ligurian Doctors Acupuncturists with the aim of promoting research, dissemination and training of professionals in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biotherapies.

Since thirty years AMAL organizes in Genoa several training courses in the field of oriental techniques: Acupuncture course , Tuina massage operator course, Qigong operator course, Chinese traditional medicine online course.

Thematic workshops enrich the training offer:

  • Acupuncture according to the technique of master Tung
  • Acupuncture and tuina in pediatrics
  • Acupuncture and qiogng in the treatment of addictions
  • Workshop on gynecology in acupuncture and tuina
  • Nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Auriculotherapy
  • and many others

The main purpose of the AMAL is to spread not only medical knowledge but also ancient methodologies to improve the quality of life, or the need to consider, when talking about health, the different dimensions that make up the individual: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and food.

The Chinese medicine that is proposed in the courses of the AMAL, historical school of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Liguria, is based on a concept difficult to translate into the scientific language in use in the West: the concept of Qi. According to Chinese thought, the material part and the functional part of every phenomenon are not separable, because they have the same root, this root is energy, Qi.

The Qi that condenses performs structural and material functions, what is rarefied performs functions of activation of vital processes. At the natural level, all phenomena are characterized by cyclicality, within these cycles are found phases that represent the maximum activity and the maximum quiet, Yin (quiet) and Yang (activity); the harmonious passage from one phase to another is guaranteed by energy (Qi) and its continuous movement that allows the renewal of life.

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Always under the guidance of Dr. Natour as President AMAL and Dr. Fontanini as Scientific Director the team of teachers and collaborators has expanded to create a team of professionals of the highest level.

In the time the figure of the Tutor Teacher has been inserted for which role the best students of each course have been selected.

The purpose of this figure is to help students in their study and in difficult times in the approach to different aspects of the subject.

During the year, moreover, the AMAL organizes single-issue meetings, open to the public and free (for members), in which the various therapeutic techniques of complementary medicine are taken into account: homeopathy, phytotherapy, applied Kinesiology, dietary.


Increase their mental and spiritual growth in order to go beyond their own area of confidence and discover that they can be passionate and love a new world to be inspired by.


To benefit from culture and individual curiosity to acquire new skills in a qualified interdisciplinary educational context, under the careful guidance of passionate professionals.


To make their future real thanks to the path undertaken, transforming culture and training in a complete and qualified professional figure.

For more information on the activities of the Amal in Genoa and Liguria,
send an email to the counsellor that will answer your questions.